own java application for tweet

03 Sep

In this article I’m going to discuss how to create our own java application for tweet.

This sample we need to have twitter4j libraries. Here you can download twitter netbeans project.

1. First go to this site and log in to your account

2. Then create a new application

Here you have to fill the necessary fields for create the application but in our JAVA program we are not going to use those details.

3. Then select the “settings” tab in the application and change the “Access type” – “Read only” to “Read,Write Access direct messages”

4. Now go to “Details” tab “Create access token” then you will get the access token details. Now we have own application details in our twitter account server

5. In this step I’m going to create the JAVA application. First open the downloaded netbeans project and set this twitter4j libs in your project class path

Now you have to change the property file “” by replacing your following keys


Now you can run this application then you can see the message that you gave in the program(by default i gave  Hi guys this is test application) will be posted in your account.

Enjoy with own JAVA Application for Twitter. Thanks.

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