SAML2 SSO Load testing with WSO2IS 4.0.0

16 Nov

Here I’m Going to explain how to do the SAML2 SSO load test with WSO2 Identity Server 4.0.0 – Jmeter Script act as a Service Provider
Download Jmeter script here

First you have to start the IS and register the Service Provider as follows
issuer – “saml2.demo”
Assertion Consumer Url – http://localhost:8080/saml2.demo/consumer
Actually here you don’t need to host the application “saml2.demo

Then open the jmeter script and change the parameters according to your environment
Here you have to only do the changes on following parameters under “identity-saml2-sso-test-plan
Idp_host – Hosted Identity server IP ex/
Idp_port – Hosted Identity server port ex/ 9443
Username – admin
Password – admin

Run the jmeter and see the results under “Summary Report” or “Results Tree“. When your doing the load testing bettor to disable the Results tree because that would be effect to the load testing counts

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